Barbecue Chicken (Deep-Dish Pizza) – Zachary’s

Thought I’d start this blog with something resembling a dessert. In essence, Zachary’s famous deep-dish, Chicago style pizzas are giant pies without all the sugary sweetness. Instead, they are filled with tomato sauce, cheese, and pizza dough, amongst other toppings. Nevertheless, just like pies, they are still mouth-watering, still delicious, still a must-have.

Featured on Food Network, Zachary’s is truly a gem in Berkeley. Unlike the traditional thin pizzas, which are also offered, the deep-dish pizzas are much more savory and less greasy. Decent service, decent price. However, a note of caution: It takes AT LEAST 30 minutes to prepare, and the wait for a seat can be twice as long (or more, depending on what time/day you go). Hence, I highly suggest ordering in advance – yes, before you even have a seat. In this way, it can be made while you wait, and it’ll be ready when you’re seated. Don’t worry, it’s definitely worth the wait!

It took me 4 years to finally go out and try this place – silly, I know. Don’t follow my example – if you’re in the area, you really must go and try it for yourself!

I’d give it 5 stars (out of 5), hands down.


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