2 scoops of Maple-Candied Oatmeal and Banana-Candied Peanut & other amazing Ici treats

Lemon Vanilla & Maple-Candied Oatmeal – Ici

I can’t believe it took me 4 years to finally try this place. There’s ALWAYS a super long line, even when it’s raining or cold outside, and now I know why! Everything is handmade here, and the ice cream flavors change on a daily basis. It’s incredible how soft and delicious the ice cream is – not only that, but the cone is amazing too!

You’re free to sample multiple flavors at a time before making your order. In fact, it’s not out of the norm to ask for 3-5 different samples all at once. Don’t worry, the staff will remember what you asked for, so just start listing away all the flavors you’re tempted to try! In other words, DON’T HOLD BACK. If it sounds/looks good, no need to be shy. Seriously – just ask for a sample, everybody else is.

Highly recommend not skipping out on the cone and choosing a cup instead. Believe me, you WILL regret it (about $4 for 2 scoops + cone). This is not your typical waffle/sugar cone. The cone resembles a crepe in appearance, but the taste does not even begin to compare. You really just have to try it for yourself to understand.

There are various other sweets available as well, so if ice cream doesn’t suit you, try one of their other options. I’m still not sure I would wait in an absurdly long line for this place, but it really is unique in all its sugary goodness.

From the texture to the taste, Ici is a must. It definitely turned out way better than I imagined – yum!


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