Cassiopeia – Jupiter

Shared a 9″ Cassiopeia Pizza – consists of roasted chicken breast, sweet onions, cilantro, BBQ sauce, mozzarella, marinara for $9.50 ($15.95 for 13″). Slices are big (6 slices total), but pizza itself is small. I personally don’t care for the crust of this pizza, and the wait for the pizza is long, but if you’re not too hungry, the 9″ is the way to go. The pizza selection is a nice variety to choose from. Go for an item on the menu that you don’t normally eat elsewhere (aka the ones with funny/unique names, i.e. the pizzas: Galileo, Apollo, Cassiopeia, Aries, Mercury, Andromeda, Xanthia, Odysseus).

The seating is very accommodating for large groups (came here with a party of about 18 or so). Two floors. Candlelight/dark atmosphere. Bar downstairs. Outdoor seating is beautiful with lamps to keep you warm and lights to keep the environment festive. Staff hardly came over except to bring food, so I can’t really say their service was impeccable because it really wasn’t. Clean and spacious. Many people come here for the pizza. Never a line when I come, but maybe because there is so much seating available. I haven’t been impressed by the pizzas I’ve had here, but as I mentioned, it’s great for large groups, one of the few in Berkeley.


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