Steve’s Bar-B-Que

BBQ Beef – Steve’s Korean Barbeque

$7.99 marinated beef in house sauce. Authentic? I think not. Mexican cooks at a Korean restaurant? Come on now. This is like Panda Express (Mexicans cooking Chinese food). Even the cashier was Mexican. Seriously?

That aside, for the huge amounts of meat you get for a dish, yes, it’s pretty cheap. Kimchi was not in the least bit spicy – both the kimchi and the bean sprouts were on the soggy side. Not much taste in anything but the beef, probably due to the special “house sauce.” Picked off a good chunk of fat from the beef, but that’s expected, I suppose. Proportions of each item on the dish were all off, but if you’re a carnivore, who cares! If you’re not big on meat, go for something else.


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