Lamb Osso Buco – Venus

Extraordinarily tendor lamb with saffron risotto, braised kale, satsuma gremolata. However, don’t let the picture fool you! This is a close-up just to show the details of the dish. When I first saw the dish arriving, it was gigantic! I thought, “Wow, I’m getting a huge dish and I might actually end up really full, even though I initially thought it would be a tiny portion, as is typical with fancy restaurants – the higher the price, the smaller the portion.” Once it was placed in front of me, disappointment washed over me. Of course, only the middle portion of the extremely large dish contained food. The incredible size of the plate made the portion seem even smaller than it was. I have no idea why they decided to present it in this manner, but I think a smaller plate should be used. Aside from that, the meal was absolutely delicious, though I would have preferred the kale to be more moist. Also, the bread that came with each table prior to the meal was too hard for my liking. Did not seem freshly baked.

Fruit Bellini

This cocktail was quite sweet, in a good way. Nice combo with the lamb.

Bittersweet Chocolate Pot de Creme

It was difficult to get a good picture of this, but here are two views of one of the desserts. There were only three dessert options to choose from, and I was in a hurry to leave, so I ended up getting it to go. It consists of candied quince, supremed oranges, and cocoa nib chantilly – whatever those are… I had no idea what I was ordering, but I figured, chocolate is usually a good choice. It was like a mousse, though not very appealing in appearance. Wasn’t bad, but wasn’t amazing either. 

Small place, candlelit during dinner, friendly staff, expensive selections, and clean.

Main Dish: $25
Cocktail: $8
Dessert: $8 
Total cost (minus tax): $41


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