Capellini Vernazza – Filippo’s

Angel hair with shrimp, asparagus, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, basil, and garlic wine sauce ($12.50). I’m more familiar with white/red/green thick sauces, so this was quite a change for me, but it turned out to be a great pick. Full of flavor, moist (from all the juices/sauce), and filling! Generous amount of shrimp (yay!), and the asparagus is cut into very small pieces, which I found a bit unusual, but still enjoyable. Careful about slurping up the noodles because, as I mentioned earlier, it’s quite moist, so it will splatter all over if you’re too excited about the food and not careful about how you handle the food!

Candlelit for dinner (fancy), and friendly staff. Menu has a great variety of options to choose from (in terms of pasta), which made it difficult to order since more than one entree sounded delicious. Bread might be from Semifreddi’s. Didn’t get a picture of it, but the olive oil that came with the bread had red specks in it, which I wasn’t able to identify, but it was not spicy.   

Panna Cotta

$6 of fluffy, Italian gelatin/custard goodness. Vanilla flavored and covered with raspberry sauce. Thick/dense and amazing. Reminds me of egg tarts, minus the crust. The raspberry sauce is a wonderful combination with the custard – so glad I tried this dessert!


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