Pin Toh

Basil Fried Rice (with chicken) – Pin Toh

Beautiful low-light ambiance – reminds me of a bar/club setting, minus all the people drinking and dancing. Modern music. Bigger place than it seems from the outside. Clean with good service, especially considering how close I was sitting to the front desk. Apparently this place is specialized in both pho and Thai food, hence, more food options to select from.

I had Basil Fried Rice (pan-fried rice with garlic, chili, peas, onion, carrots and sweet basil for $7.95 (with chicken). It was pretty good. However, I can only tolerate so much spiciness, and though it’s only barely mild, with each bite, I realized I was drinking more and more water. It’s really not that spicy, but perhaps it’s because I haven’t eaten much spicy food lately, so my palate has declined in tolerance. It’s a generous serving, and the cucumbers are a refreshing contrast to the slightly spicy fried rice. I enjoyed it, though I would have preferred no chili, but then again, it’s Thai food – what can you do?


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