Red Velvet Cupcakes – Sprinkles

Alright, honestly, this place is a bit overrated, at least for someone who LOVES sweets. Why? Because the cupcakes aren’t your typical, super sweet cupcakes. It’s like when someone tells you a movie is really, really amazing, but you haven’t seen it yet, so all the hype builds up and by the time you finally see it, your expectations just aren’t met. Similar story with these cupcakes. Everyone’s been raving about it, but maybe a little too much. Not the best cupcakes I’ve ever had, but not terrible either. They’re less moist and less sweet (healthier maybe?), but the cream cheese frosting is admittedly DELICIOUS. I went with the popular red velvet cupcakes for $3.50 each. It looks a bit odd whenever bakers make the frosting cover the entire surface of the cupcake and more, as if there’s just not enough area for it to envelope. Looks like a mushroom if you ask me. Perhaps if I try a different flavor, I’ll have a higher opinion of this place, but for now, I’m only amazed by the frosting and not the cupcake itself, especially not for the price listed. 

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