Thai Temple

3-Items – Thai Temple

Pad Thai, Chicken & Cashew, and Red Curry plus rice – all for only $8!! So much good food. You definitely won’t leave here hungry! The red curry was mild, which was good, just spicy enough for me to still enjoy the taste. They give hefty portions of everything, and if you bring tupperware, they’ll fill those up instead (but they won’t separate your items if you want the 3-item combo – it’s either all in their to-go tray or all in your own choice of tupperware).

You’re also required to exchange your cash for “tokens” in order to “pay” for the food. There are two main lines – one for exchanging money, and one for the main course meals. The other stations of food go by much faster because they’re more like appetizers, such as the dessert. The main line doesn’t take too long, but it can definitely look intimidating. It gets crowded, and if you have a large group, I suggest coming early to grab enough seats. It’s only open Sundays, and I hear it’s only open until the food runs out. I came around 11am and there was still food at almost 1pm. It’s not an actual temple per se, with incense all over and huge statues of a god of some sort, but rather, it’s an open space, much like a small courtyard.

Sweet/Sticky Rice & Mango ($5)

I’m not too sure what goes into this  dessert, but despite it’s appearance and seemingly strange mix of ingredients, it tasted pretty great! Not too sweet, but sweet enough to satisfy. For once, I was actually full enough to be content with skipping dessert and leaving leftovers – something I rarely do, especially at Thai restaurants, which usually do not serve an abundant amount of food! 

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