900 Grayson

Demon Lover with Vermont Maple Syrup – 900 Grayson

Spicy buttermilk fried Sonoma Valley chicken paillard and buttermilk waffle ($12.50). I tried two versions of this, one with the syrup and one with the gravy, and both tasted excellent! Before I came here, I had a hard time imagining how on earth a combination of fried chicken and waffles could possibly be so popular, but after tasting it for myself, I now understand! I’m not a huge fan of fried chicken, but the fact that these are boneless make a big difference! It just takes away all the trouble of avoiding the bones or peeling away fat (i.e. eating KFC fried chicken). Perfectly cooked. It wasn’t too crispy, nor was it excessively oily. It was as if I was eating baked chicken. There was also a nice hint of spice (red specks) to it, though it was not spicy.

The waffle wasn’t so spectacular, and I wouldn’t mind eating the chicken without it, but it does add nicely to the presentation of the dish. I couldn’t tell if I preferred the syrup or the gravy, but I think the syrup may be healthier? The gravy reminded me of canned cream of mushroom, perhaps without the mushroom, which I like. And the syrup, well, tasted like any other maple syrup I’ve had (couldn’t tell that it wasn’t from California). 

Small place with seating outside. Staff super nice. 

Demon Lover with Old-Fashioned Cream Gravy


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