Back Forty Texas BBQ Roadhouse

Beef Ribs with 2 Sides – Back Forty

Ordered from the Lone Ranger section of the menu I think. Chose Beef Ribs ($10.79, according to the online menu) plus 2 sides (scratch-made garlic mashed potatoes and white cheddar mac & cheese) plus dessert (below). The sides, wow! They both tasted amazing! The mashed potatoes were fluffy and not too heavy, and the mac & cheese was cheesy but not overdone. Absolutely fantastic. The meat came on one gigantic bone; it was hard to eat it cleanly. I figured the lone ranger wouldn’t give as much meat, so it shouldn’t be as filling as the lunch combo option. Nope, I was wrong. Definitely left feeling quite content! 

Bread Pudding

This came much later in the meal, I guess because it comes out really hot. The brown sugar glaze was a nice touch. It was too hot to eat though, even though it was such a small portion! Definitely on the sweet side, and very syrupy. Also a little difficult to eat so long after the filling entree and sides, but a nice dessert to try.


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