Manhattan Hub

The Hub Philly – Manhattan Hub

Portobello mushrooms, grilled green peppers, grilled onions and peppered jack included for $7.25. Tough to eat, thanks to generous serving of meat! Delicious.

[half] Chocolate Chip Cookie

Also got a chocolate chip cookie ($1.79) and brownie ($2.25), but both were split in half (to share) before I could take a picture 😦 The chocolate chip cookie was so incredibly soft and the brownie had chocolate chips in it that made it taste even more amazing! Usually brownies are plain, so that was a nice surprise. Both were a decent size and scrumptious.

The place is much too crowded to eat in. There’s a courtyard area right outside, but that can get pretty crowded as well. Thus, I ate at a nearby rooftop deck (343 Sansome), which provides a great view of SF! There aren’t a whole bunch of seats, but I managed to find a nice spot to enjoy my hearty meal.


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