Spices 3

This post will be primarily pictures. Why? Because this meal was family style, and I was not in charge of ordering. Hence, I have no idea what was ordered! Oh well, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?? I will say that despite all the food being predominately and extremely red, they are not crazy spicy. There are a TON of items on the menu, and everything we ate was very flavorful and best mixed with rice. Note: half the people in our party could not handle food being too spicy, so most of the food is mild (a lot of people started sniffling and turning red though!). Small place, located next to an adult movies shop (ehhh….), and provides free entertainment if your party becomes too dull (Chinese music videos playing on wide-screen TV near the front desk).

And now, on with the food pictures!

The last dish takes forever to make, and it’s quite pricey, but oh man, it’s so soo very delicious, juicy, and tender! (Braised Pig Shank)


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