Love At First Bite

Red Velvet and Pretty in Pink – Love At First Bite

This was the second time I came into this little shop, but the first time I actually tried their cupcakes. My first time, I couldn’t decide which cupcake to get – I wanted to try ALL of them! There’s such a great variety of cupcakes to look at/choose from. They all looked and sounded so amazing! I thought it was interesting, for example, that one of the cupcakes was cookies and cream and another was based off a sundae. I knew I would have to come back and get one eventually, and when I did, I chose the classic Red Velvet plus Pretty in Pink (strawberry). They’re each almost $3 each, which seems like the typically price for a cupcake these days (crazy! especially since they’re so small…). Everyone has raised my expectations for red velvet, but it’s not my favorite. In fact, the part I like most with red velvet is usually the frosting, not the cake part, but I decided to try red velvet anyway to see what all the rave was about. I liked the strawberry one much better (of the 2), especially the frosting that was made with real strawberries. I like the fact that the cupcakes are sweet, but not too sweet. Frosting-wise, Sprinkles would win, but on the whole, Love At First Bite is what I would prefer.

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