Tomi Sushi & Seafood Buffet

I’ve been to the San Jose location a number of times, but this Concord location opened up this year, so my family and I decided to check it out. Pricey, yes. Ideal if you go for a late lunch (which then becomes so filling that it’s enough to serve as an early dinner). Best for groups, but watch out for gratuity (applies to groups of 8 or more)! Beautiful layout in terms of aesthetics (i.e. looks more spacious than the San Jose location), though food-wise, it tastes about the same. Moreover, I prefer how the food is set-up at the San Jose location; it just seems more practical, though there tends to be unnecessarily long lines at the entree section in San Jose, whereas in Concord, the entrees are somewhat split up. They have everything from sushi to dim sum buns to wonton noodle soup (you have to request it) to tempura to roast duck to seaweed salad to fruits to ice cream!

(Clockwise) – Taro, Mango, Green Tea, Strawberry Mousse

These cute little desserts are SO GOOD. My favorite part of this whole buffet! I like how there’s a very thin layer at the top that is more solid,  then the rest of the mousse is more (for lack of a better word at this moment) “squishy.” It’s some sort of flavored gelatin with a bit of flavored whipped cream (flavored the same as the rest of the mousse), topped with a small piece of fruit. Colorful and tasty!

Salmon Sashimi


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