Zachary’s, once again

Sun-dried Tomato Stuffed Pizza – Zachary’s

Second time coming here, this time with a large group. I think they told us the wait would be about 45 minutes. We ordered 4 12″ Medium deep dishes, which supposedly serve 3-4 ($19.50 each). Our group of 13 people ate about 2-3 slices each and we ended up having plenty of leftovers. This place is always filling! Only downside was that since it was such a busy time, we didn’t get much service except when food was being delivered.

Here’s what we ordered:

  • Barbecue Chicken: oven-baked chicken breast, red onions, cilantro, sweet-smoky barbecue sauce, cheddar and jack cheese, served with Zachary’s pizza sauce
  • Chicken Special: oven-baked chicken breast, mushrooms, mozzarella with fresh basil, garlic, tomato sauce
  • Spinach & Mushroom: fresh spinach, mushrooms, and blend of 3 cheeses and special spices (Zachary’s “pride and joy”)
  • Sun-dried Tomato: (one of the specials of the day)
I thought the BBQ chicken was amazing, like the first time I had it here. The rest were good, but BBQ chicken is definitely my fav. The others just do not compare. It’s something about the sauce. The others, in my opinion, had way too many tomatoes. The sun-dried tomato one was WAY too cheesy. But one of the great things I like about Zachary’s deep dish pizzas is that you can reheat it the next day (or a few days after it was made), and it will STILL taste amazing! (unlike most other pizzas that turn soggy and greasy and thin and gross)

Spinach & Mushroom Stuffed Pizza


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