Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen

Hush Puppies (traditional cornmeal fritters with honey butter, $4.95) and a cup of Angeline’s Gumbo (okra, andouille, tasso ham, and shrimp, $5.95) for starters. The hush puppies were fluffy, and the dipping butter was nice, but the hush puppies also tasted great without it. They look like giant meatballs. The gumbo was full of flavor and included a piece of sourdough bread to dip. 

Buttermilk Fried Chicken (boneless breast with ginger-vanilla sweet potato mash, tasso ham cream gravy & Blue Lake green beans with parmesan cheese, $15.95) plus Alligator Chili (special of the day, $13.99) as entrees. Wow. Both were incredible! I usually don’t care for fried chicken because it’s typically very fatty/oily and the bones make it more of a hassle to eat, but these fried chicken pieces were so amazing! Perfectly cooked, slightly crispy but not burnt, tasted as if it was baked. No bones, and did not leave an oily residue all over. The veggies were good too, but not the main attraction. The green beans were long and crunchy, but I prefer them to be softer. The sweet potato can make you full and has the right amount of sweetness, but if you’re not capable of eating a lot and plan on having a dessert afterward (and you should!), I would recommend sharing it. The alligator meat was chopped into small bits so it’s easy to miss if you’re not told it’s in the chili, but it’s good. Tastes like a cross between chicken and beef. Lots of grated cheese on top, and the chili comes in a bread bowl!

Angeline’s Bananas Foster Bread Pudding (signature dessert with rum caramel sauce, $6.95, additional bourbon-vanilla whipped cream, $1) and Beignets (New Orleans classic, light, French-style pastry pillows served with powdered sugar, $4.95). The bread pudding is a warm, small square piece in a giant bowl, but together with the rum caramel sauce, it’s simply amazing! I highly recommend adding the bourbon-vanilla whipped cream. It’s sweet and delicious. The beignets were covered with WAY too much powdered sugar, and they weren’t as magnificent as I expected. This dessert comes in 4 square pieces and tastes like Chinese donuts (the fried food that you dip with congee). Not too impressive, and I was way too full to finish them all. Just go for the bread pudding.


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