DarTEAling Lounge

Cute little place, though situated in an aesthetically unattractive area, and hence, easy to miss. Once you walk in, it’s a long, narrow hallway, decorated in every spot possible. It’s a good idea to RSVP ahead of time, but I came in on a weekday and it was was not crowded at all.

Ordered the Afternoon Tea Service for 2 which consisted of the following:

  • 12 Tea Sandwiches (3 flavors of choice)
  • Organic Green Salad with House-made Vinaigrette
  • Pair of House-baked Scones
  • Assortment of Tea Cakes/Sweets, Petit Fours & Tea Biscuits
  • 2 Bottomless Pots of Tea

For the tea sandwiches, I selected Smoked Salmon & Capers, Classic Cucumber & Fresh Herbs, and Darjeeling Curried Chicken, all of which were incredibly amazing! They are small, but each bite is soft, refreshing, and filled with flavor. I particularly enjoyed the Curried Chicken since it was something I had never tried before. The salad placed on top of the sandwiches had a delightful vinaigrette that did not taste too oily or too overwhelming.

For the 2 pots of tea, I chose Breakfast Candy (extra $3 since it is a DarTEAling favorite) and From Pear to Eternity. The first is premium black tea with touches of almond and caramel, while the latter is a “blissful union of sweet ripe pear and premium grade rooibos.” Black tea and caramel sounded like a strange mix, but I thought it’d be interesting to try it and see why it is a favorite. I was worried it would be too strong as black tea usually is, but it was actually slightly sweet and the hint of almond was a nice touch that can be tasted at the end of each sip. The pear tea was different – more fruity and did not taste like tea, but it was okay.

The desserts portion of the tea service was not as spectacular, but still good. I am familiar with rock-hard scones, but these were soft/slightly crisp. We went through 2 refills of each tea throughout the meal; the cups are different in design per person. Friendly staff, scrumptious service, and a cute once-in-awhile gathering for small groups (though it’s rare, there are males in here as well, so for all you guys out there, don’t feel too embarrassed!).


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