Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Half & Half Soup Base – Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Half of the soup base is the house original, the other is the spicy version ($3.75). I cannot even begin to list all the ingredients in the soup base, but I do know that both were very delicious! There are an assortment of Chinese ingredients that are typically seen at Chinese herb shops (the ones that are pungent with rock hard ingredients that soften upon addition to boiling water). The spicy half is not too bad unless you start sucking on the chili or drink too much at once. The nice part is that the waiter will refill the soup base when he notices it is getting low.

Supreme Beef Slice

Countless rolls of beef for $7.95. Thin, little fat, and tasty! Not pictured are beef tendon ($4.95), beef tripe ($4.95), and spinach ($3.95). This place is really good at giving generous helpings of everything. It’s definitely a good idea to have a bowl of rice to mix with all the food, especially if you want to try the spicy soup base but are unable to handle too spicy. All the meat was delicious, and the abundant spinach helped balance all the meat. Some of the leaves looked withered, but not a big deal considering how much spinach you’re given.

Friendly staff, mostly Chinese speakers. Spacious and clean restaurant.


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