Coffee Cookie Dream – Fentons Creamery

Jumbo Coffee Cookie Dream ice cream in a waffle bowl. Absolutely delicious.

This place never fails me. Last time I came was for the Fentons Challenge (~3lbs ice cream, frozen banana, plenty of toppings and syrup, whipped cream, and cherry on top). All the flavors I’ve had so far have been amazing and very creamy. It can get quite crowded, so be prepared for a long wait, especially if it’s an extremely hot day or if it’s a holiday/around a major event (i.e. graduation). The ice cream scoops are very generous in portion, and the waffle bowl tastes amazing with the perfect texture (not too crispy/hard or soggy). Definitely a must. This is a place for ice cream lovers, not sure how the non-desserts are. Sundaes can be very large so most people share with a friend/family, but if you love desserts as much as I do, you might be able to finish it all by yourself!


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