New Luk Yuen

This place has both Chinese/Filipino dishes but seems to be run by an all-Chinese staff. If they realize you speak their language, you instantly get awesome service. Spacious place, wasn’t crowded at all when I went for dinner.

Ordered Tosilog (under the breakfast section of the menu, which is served all day despite the fact that breakfast is usually eaten in the morning), Combination Chow Mein, and a Strawberry Smoothie. Dishes are quite cheap but still taste decent. For those of you like myself who are unfamiliar with Filipino names for different meats (and restaurants never seem to provide descriptions for such dishes), Tosilog is a sweet, red-sauce pork dish. It was served with 2 eggs, fried rice with delicious bits of fried garlic on top, and a slice of tomato ($5.50). The pork wasn’t as fatty as I’ve experienced in the past at a different restaurant, so that was a plus. The Combo Chow Mein had shrimp, chicken, beef, BBQ pork, and bok choy over pan-fried noodles ($5.95). The Chow Mein was on the over-cooked side, but with the gravy, it wasn’t too bad. The smoothies were clearly made from fresh fruit ($2.50). I could taste more strawberries than sugar, but there were chunks of mushy strawberries at the bottom that were much too big to go through the straw. I didn’t care for the pearls, they were all clumped together.


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