Shrimp Bowl – Chevys

Sautéed garlic shrimp with tomatoes, onions, rice, black beans, roasted corn, and grilled pineapple salsa, $8.99. First off, they messed up my order and gave me something completely different. How do I know? First indication: NO SHRIMP. C’mon now. Really? I ordered a SHRIMP bowl, at least get the shrimp in there! So I had to wait extra long for my food to come out, as if the wait wasn’t long enough already! My group all had their food, everyone except me, and by the time I finally received my food, I had to eat it quickly because my group was in a hurry, so I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I would have preferred. It wasn’t even busy at the hour I went! While I’m at it, don’t bother asking the waitress to take a group photo for you because no matter how many times you point or explain, she will not understand how to take a decent group photo. The waitress took several photos before she finally stood where I constantly pointed for her to stand. In fact, she had taken photos of me pointing. Moreover, our group was never even sure when she was taking the photo so in almost all the photos, most of us weren’t ready – my goodness woman!

The dish itself was pretty good. Little too much water for the rice, but I was very satisfied with the taste. It was a little spicy, but very mild. Tons of different ingredients and all mixed well.


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