Five Guys

Cheeseburger and Regular Fries – Five Guys

Pretty self-explanatory by the name of the menu items. Cheeseburger was $5.89 and fries were $2.89. This place is essentially a bigger version of In-n-Out, with the additional menu item of the bacon burger, which I didn’t try. The cheeseburger was good, decent size, lots of toppings (pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and my favorite – mushrooms!). Fries were a little salty but not bad. We were given a Cajun seasoning on the side to mix with the fries in case the Cajun fries were too spicy; it was mild. My friend quickly searched online if there was a secret menu, like In-n-Out, and was able to find a website that showed one, but after asking the cashier (item was chili cheese fries), we were told they did not have that item. So much for a secret menu. At least you also get free peanuts from a large box near the seating area.


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