My Ivy

Mango Salad – My Ivy

Shredded mango, grilled prawns, cherry tomato, red onions, cashew nuts, kaffir leaves and lettuce, tossed in spicy lemon dressing, $8. I am a very visual person, so I use Yelp pictures often when I decide where and what to eat. I saw this on Yelp and noticed that it looked absolutely amazing so I decided to try it. It came out to be a very vibrant dish, very colorful. There were way too many slices of onion and a little too many slices of mango (some were on the chewy side for me, as if it was too ripe and not ready to be eaten yet), but I was very pleased with the many pieces of shrimp! A little on the spicy side, but at the same time, it is also a little sweet – sweet and spicy. The place has a nice atmosphere, not too large and not located in an area that makes it stand out, but it is right on the corner and can accommodate medium-sized groups. They offer specials for drinks at discounted prices, though the dishes themselves can be a bit pricey.


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