Stepping Stone Cafe

Cherries & Chocolate Chip Mancakes – Stepping Stone Cafe

I specifically wanted to try this menu item because it was featured on Man v. Food, but I didn’t want just plain buttermilk or whole wheat. Instead, I chose one of the specials of the day, which included cherries and chocolate chips in the pancakes, making them more tasty. Most people order a single stack and cannot finish more than half of it. The guy from Man v. Food had the max number of stacks possible – 3 pancakes. I ordered the short stack, which consists of 2 pancakes (about $6-7.50).

Mancakes are giant pancakes, 13″ in diameter! They were so wide, they were larger than my plate so the syrup was falling onto the table – oops! It was extremely filling, delicious but also very fluffy. It was very challenging trying to finish both of them, but alas, and to the waiter’s amazement, I emptied my plate!

The place is right on the corner, looks like a diner inside. Small, narrow walkways between the booths/tables. They have little figurines hanging on string that move up and down whenever the front door opens. Friendly staff, though they look like high school students. Nearly every table had at least one order of a single mancake.


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