Cookies & Cream Frozen Yogurt – Blush

Medium size organic frozen yogurt for $4, plus up to 4 toppings for an extra $1. I chose strawberries, cheesecake bites, mochi, and yogurt chips. They’re extremely generous in the toppings, to the point where my toppings were about to fall all over when the server tried to add one more topping! It’s great that they don’t charge by weight. I think if I had this much at YogurtLand, it might be close to equivalent in cost, or maybe even a little more, depending on the toppings. Absolutely AMAZING for those with a sweet tooth.

There were 4 different frozen yogurt flavors to choose from. You can mix it up, but I really liked the Cookies & Cream, so that was the only flavor I had. It’s not everyday that you see Cookies & Cream as a frozen yogurt option. The other options were Blush (which has pomegranate and dragon fruit), Original, and I can’t recall the last one. Blush and Original are always in stock, the other two flavors rotate.


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