Chocolate Cinnamon French Toast – Mama’s

Includes seasonal berries (strawberries and blueberries) and bananas plus chocolate syrup for $9.50. A tiny, glass cup of maple syrup is also included. 3 Slices of French Toast. Very filling. I would have liked the French Toast to be thicker/fluffier and strawberries to be sweeter, but overall, the presentation was amazing and it tasted great!

I also tried some of their carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, which tasted impressively fresh (the carrots and the bread itself) and homemade. In addition, I sampled some Dungeness Crab Benedict (a weekend special, about $22) from a friend, and it was absolutely delicious, especially the crab. It comes with homefries and a slice of orange, but I only tried the benedict.

This small place on the corner opens at 8am, but a line starts as early as 7:30am, maybe even earlier! I have never woken up so early, not just to try an eatery, but also to beat the crazy line before it even opens! It is unbelievable how popular this place can get so early in the morning. By the time it was finally 8am, I saw about 50 people in line!


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