Belgium Coco – Snowflake

Banana, strawberry, marshmallow, and chocolate syrup with chocolate shaved ice for $5.75. There are also little crunchy balls, but I’m not sure what they are. Very interesting texture to the shaved ice, not quite smooth or creamy like frozen yogurt or ice cream, but also not quite as icy as shaved ice. Overall, it was good, unlike anything I’ve ever had!

Normally, if you eat inside, it looks a lot nicer, somehow they layer the shaved ice into folds. You can somewhat see it in the picture above, but it’s all been condensed to fit into the little cup (see Yelp photos for a better idea of what it should look like). However, there’s a sign on the front door indicating that it costs $3 extra PER PERSON for eating eating in, so I opted to order this to-go.


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