Koi Palace

Koi Palace

This place is definitely an up-scale Chinese restaurant, and you can see it in everything from the decor and spaciousness of the venue to the food presentation and taste to the high prices.

Fried Tofu Chiu Chou Style ($6, 9 pieces of tofu) and Shanghai Steamed Dumplings ($9, 6 dumplings) as appetizers. Stir-fried Scallops and Prawns with Broccoli ($16) and Wok-fried Maine Lobster with E-fu Noodles ($30) as entrees. Pumpkin Tapioca Dessert complimentary. Everything was simply delicious, very well prepared and very well presented. Free salted peanuts provided while waiting/ordering. The entrees came in big portions, plenty to share. The dessert was interesting because I’ve never seen it orange/pumpkin, only red bean or coconut tapioca dessert. Clean plates/seating and good service. Some of the staff speak Cantonese, others speak Mandarin, others both.



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