Liang’s Kitchen

Liang’s Kitchen

Located in Ulferts Center, food comes quick, and decent portions. However, when I first arrived with a total party of 3, the server placed us at a small table meant for 2, then stuck a third chair in the walking path. Very cramped, very unnecessary. We asked to be moved to a bigger table, a table meant for 4, and ended up being placed right in front of the door, where we could feel the chilly breeze every time the door opened. Guess you can’t really win.

On to the food:


  • Pancake Wrap with Stew Beef, $7.25


  • Beef Tendon Noodle Soup, Lapian Handmade Noodle, $7.50
  • Dry Beef Tendon Noodle, Regular Noodle, $7.50
  • Fried Pork Cutlet Rice Box, $6.95

Pancake Wraps were thick, but delicious, comes with 4 wraps. Beef Tendon was good, very thick pieces, possibly even fat, but half the time I can’t tell the difference since they’re both squishy. Regular Noodle is thin, Lapian Handmade Noodle is thick and floury. Same price for either type of noodle; I recommend trying one of each. I prefer the Regular Noodle. Pork Cutlet was a little on the salty side, not my favorite. The veggies on the rice dish were too crunchy for me. Different than Chinese food, but there are some similarities.

Service was alright. The staff is young and speaks mostly Mandarin. It’s strange how closely the restaurant’s picture resembles my grandma, but then again, perhaps it looks like the typical Asian grandma.


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