– Spicy Crunchy Rainbow, $16: Rainbow roll with tempura shrimp, spicy tuna, spicy teriyaki sauce, mustard sauce, tobiko, tempura bits & green onion

– Klondike Express, $12: Real crab meat, tempura shrimp, scallops, avocado and topped with 3 flavors of tobiko

– Amakara Cocktail, $8: Absolut Apeach, Peach Schnapps, Lychee Sake and fresh lemon juice shaken and served up

Modern vibe, fusion food. Very busy when I went for dinner, waited about an hour for only a party of 2. Ended up sitting at the sushi bar, which wasn’t bad. One of the sushi chefs was particularly friendly (and particularly red in the face…seemed like all the sushi chefs had a can of beer next to them). He seemed to recognize all the regulars.

Amakara originals sounded unique and interesting. Both sushi orders came with 9 pieces. Couldn’t taste the teriyaki in the Spicy Crunch Rainbow. Presentation was beautiful. The rolls didn’t taste amazing, but they were good. Ordered a drink that came when I was 3/4 finished with my meal. Was debating between the Amakara Cocktail and the Sweet-tart Martini, ended up going with the Amakara Cocktail because it’s the signature drink and seemed to be ordered by many customers. You can definitely taste the alcohol, but the hint of lychee is also there and adds a nice sweet touch at the end. Couldn’t really taste the lemon juice part.


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