Monique’s Chocolates

Small place with amazing products. Their s’mores and hot chocolate are unlike anything I’ve ever had.

There’s a board with all the steps of how to order your hot chocolate ($3.50-$4). First, pick your chocolate. Next, pick your milk. Lastly, add any toppings, optional. I went with Ecuador 72% (Dark Chocolate), 1% milk, with raspberry topping. My friend went with Valrhona 80% (Dark Chocolate) with Almond (non-dairy) milk. I don’t know how they make the hot chocolate, but they taste incredibly unique. They are at the perfect room temperature/warm so you don’t have to wait forever or burn your tongue. They have a silky yet thick consistency, little frothy. I could’ve skipped the raspberry, seemed to take away much of the chocolate flavor, but at the same time, it’s more like an after-taste. Valrhona is the darkest of the dark chocolates, hence, it was more bitter than my Ecuador Chocolate, but still enjoyable. The percentage indicates the amount of cocoa.

In addition to the rich hot chocolate are the rich French S’mores, $3.50 each, which are a great combination with the hot chocolate. Having it toasted makes it look like a fried egg, but with the consistency of a marshmallow, tasting sweet and thick. It also looks caramelized, much like crème brûlée.

I’d like to see how delicious the white chocolates or milk chocolates taste if I ever get another opportunity to visit again. The hot chocolate is definitely novel. It’s always the hole in the walls that are true gems.

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