Cafe LaTTea

Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte – Cafe LaTTea

Came here to see their beautiful latte art and was definitely impressed. I was very scared of spilling my Matcha Latte ($3.95) in the short distance of carrying it from the front counter to my seat because it looked like it was overflowing! The drink touches the very rim of the giant cup, but apparently it’s not as ready to spill as it appears (still, I advise being careful not to tilt your cup excessively!). The beverage itself is warmer than it feels at the top layer, but it’s not burning hot; either way, it’s better to stay on the safe side and be careful when you take your first sip.

I’ve never had Matcha before, but this green tea was delicious, not too strong, but it definitely hits the spot, especially since it was a particularly chilly day.

English Breakfast Tea Latte

English Breakfast Tea Latte

The design didn’t turn out as nicely as the Matcha Latte, instead, it’s more faint, possibly because there’s less contrast between the tea and the cream? Nevertheless, art is still art, so best to appreciate what is given; after all, maybe it was the artist’s intention? This latte, also $3.95, tasted lighter than the Matcha. Both teas are very frothy at the top and have a semi-thick consistency in each sip.

Oreo Obsession

Oreo Obsession

Last but not least, the glorious brick toast creation! It was incredible difficult choosing one, but this one stood out the most to me. The sweets on the outside are nicely balanced with the toasted bread. Scoops of cookies and cream ice cream, slices of strawberries, a couple of chocolate wafers, brownie bites, oreos, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle – all on top of a huge cube of bread! And it doesn’t stop there! Oh no. The inside is fancy too. Somehow, the inside has been cubed, resembling soft croutons. Can’t figure out how they did it. Perhaps the top layer was removed and the inside was sliced? Now I can’t remember if there was a top to the brick toast…All I know is, this is one to share, not to be eaten after a meal, even though it’s considered dessert!


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