Came here during happy hour (5-6:30pm on a weekday). Hard to find this place because you can’t see it from the street. Lots of sushi rolls to select from, but they’re all mediocre. Service was confusing; the waitress asked after ordering if I wanted miso soup and salad, as if they’re not complimentary. I didn’t get either, so I’m still not sure if they’re complimentary, like they usually are at sushi restaurants. At the end of the meal, she asked if I wanted ice cream: green tea or rainbow. This time, I asked if it was complimentary and she said yes. I was curious what the rainbow ice cream was, so I went with that option, thinking it was something unique; turns out, it was just sorbet.


  • Salmon Skin Roll, 6 pieces, $3.99
  • Y2K Roll, 12 small pieces, $5
  • Bubba Roll, 6 pieces, $5
  • Lion King, 8 pieces, $8.99

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