Sala Thai


  • Crispy Squid (Appetizer): batter squid with black pepper, served with plum sauce, $7.95
  • Green Curry: green curry paste in a coconut milk with bamboo shoot, eggplant, bell pepper, sweet basil, and choice of meat (shrimp) $9.95
  • Brown Rice (to go with the Green Curry, not included)
  • Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodle): Stir-fried flat noodle with onion, bell pepper, basil, tomato, chili, and choice of meat (tofu), $8.50
  • Singha Beer – amazingly light and sweet
  • Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango (Dessert), $4.95

This place is popular, quite a wait. Even for 2 people, it took about 20 minutes. Note: There is no clear person to sign up for the waiting list, so just keep asking around until you find the right waitress to get your name on the list. The food was good, though it took some time to come out. Dessert was not the best I’ve had, but it was alright. Beer was really good, though we ordered two bottles, not one, and they only gave us one.

We were served by multiple waitresses/waiters; one in particular was very rude. She told us to hurry up and order, TWICE, informing us that there were people still waiting and that we should not be taking so long. First of all, the people waiting were in groups, not parties of 2. Second of all, EXCUSE ME??! I am a customer too. My thoughts on your service will reflect on your tip, thank you very much. Bathroom was disgusting; the toilet was clogged with toilet paper. Plenty of parking available, but there’s not much to see in the area while you wait; it’s quite deserted. Overall, food was good, but service needs improvement.


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