Old Chicago Pizza

Deep Dish Pizza

3 Toppings Deep Dish Medium Pizza – Old Chicago Pizza

There aren’t many attractions in Petaluma, but this place was okay. Deep dish pizza took about half an hour to prepare. Medium served about 4-5 people. 8 slices, served by the waitress when the pizza arrives. There are no set pizzas to choose from. Instead, you create your own pizza. Prices are based on the number and type of toppings selected, the more toppings, the higher the price, and if it is a specialty topping, the higher the price. The pizza pictured above was approx. $21-22. Toppings: mushrooms, tomatoes (slices), and  BBQ sauce (specialty topping). Lots of sauce; it overflowed all over as the slices were taken apart. I prefer having a selection of pizzas to choose from, rather than design my own.


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