Osaka Ramen

Ramen and Onigiri

Ramen (Miso) and Onigiri – Osaka Ramen

Came here when it was freezing outside so the warm meal was a nice treat. Ordered a ramen combo in miso flavor that came with 3 onigiri (rice balls), $8.50. Ramen comes in 3 broth flavors: miso, tonkatsu, and shoyu (soy sauce). Ramen included half a hard-boiled egg, seaweed, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, green onions, sliced pork, and kamaboko (imitation fish cake). Rice balls come in salmon, ume (Japanese plum/apricot), and avocado. Noodles were mediocre – I prefer instant noodles, but I approve of the portion. Onigiris were lacking in taste, only the salmon tasted decent. Not a fan of the other two flavors. Busy place with only one waitress running around.

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