Frodo Joe’s Petit Cafe

Savory Crepe

Aix-en-Provence 2004 (half-half) – Frodo Joe’s Petit Cafe

Tons of delicious-sounding crepes to choose from – with so many options, it makes it difficult to choose! Surprisingly, the crepe I ordered ($10.95) came with 2 crepes instead of one. I was literally on the verge of ordering a dessert crepe after finishing my savory crepe, when part 2 of my order arrived! Initially, I thought the waiter was giving me an extra crepe that I hadn’t ordered, which occasionally happens at restaurants. I had to take another, closer look at my order to realize it was indeed mine.

Savory Crepe: Crab and shrimp with white mushroom sauce. Dessert Crepe: plain crepe with lemon butter sauce. Savory crepe is served with salad, pasta salad, or soup. Dessert crepe is served with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and powdered sugar. I mostly enjoyed the crab in the savory crepe, didn’t notice the shrimp as much. The sauce reminds me of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup, but thicker. I chose salad, and it’s just plain salad, nothing special. The dessert crepe tasted like there was a hint of rum in the sauce, but I can’t be sure. Not very lemony, is all I know. Other than that, it’s simply a plain crepe drowned in sauce that looks like maple syrup.

The outside is truly deceiving – looks like a dinky place that serves coffee to-go – easy to miss. Once you go inside, it looks much more extravagant. It’s not super fancy, but it’s much better inside than it is on the outside. The furniture alone gives it a comfy feel. There’s even an area in the front that looks like a lounge area with giant sofas to relax on. The service is okay. My table was far too close to the front counter. The bathroom only allows one person at a time and requires a key.

Dessert Crepe

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