Lake Tahoe Pizza Company

Barnyard Massacre

Barnyard Massacre – Lake Tahoe Pizza Company

Pepperoni, salami, sausage, Canadian bacon, linguica, topped with cheddar cheese, size: large, $21.50. Truly a pizza for the meat lovers out there. Chose the Homemade House Specialty Dough, baked with rolled over edges. The crust/dough is soft and thick. The rolls add a nice touch to the presentation, as well as provides a complimentary texture to the flat middle part of the pizza.



Sautéed spinach in butter and garlic, topped with Bay Shrimp in pesto sauce, size: large, $17.50, also with Homemade House Specialty Dough. The other option is to choose crab over the shrimp, or white sauce over pesto sauce. Generous amount of little shrimp. I preferred this pizza over the Barnyard Massacre, but only because I’m not a big fan of the meat included in that pizza. I love shrimp.

From outside, the venue appears smaller than it actually is. Each of the large pizzas were sliced into 8-9 slices. It was enough to feed 5 hungry people, with 2 slices left over. The place was supposed to close in about 10 minutes or less from the time we arrived, by they made no complaints and gladly sat us at a table. No rush, no annoyed facial expression, nada. There was no mention about closing time, and the waitress made no indications that we needed to hurry.


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