Broth: Half & Half – Traditional Seaweed Broth and Original Spicy Miso Broth (mild)

Meat: Half & Half – Prime Angus and Pork, size: Regular ($14.50)

Served with: rice, napa cabbage, spinach, carrots, Enoki mushroom, tofu, seaweed, and dipping sauces (sesame sauce and Ponzu sauce).

Food was great, tons of veggies provided, thinly sliced meat. I particularly like the half and half options because they allow you to try more than one menu item, and if you don’t like one, you still have the other. The seaweed broth was essentially just seaweed in boiling water, not too amazing. The spicy miso broth, on the other hand, had more taste to it, but it was just a little too spicy, as if it was medium instead of mild.

Decent amount of space in the venue, and there are wide-screen TVs to keep you entertained at the bar, or if your company is not entertaining enough (they were playing sports when I was there). However, the service was not the best. One of the waiters was far too quick with his movements; someone really ought to tell him to CALM DOWN. It wasn’t extremely busy; if it was, then sure, he is forgiven. But at one point, he dropped dinnerware after busing a table, causing a disrupting, loud clang. Later, he dropped a teapot and spilled tea on me (thank goodness it was on my pants and not my skin!). I initially thought he dropped my camera, which would have freaked me out on a whole other level, but thankfully that was not the case. He’s really friendly as a waiter, but he really, REALLY needs to learn to SLOW DOWN. Otherwise, he’s just viewed as incompetent.

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