The Sister’s House

Bi Bim Bop

Bi Bim Bop – The Sister’s House

Found this place on Yelp, but what I experienced did not match the good reviews. Not busy at all when I came here on a weekend for lunch. Small place, located in a place that doesn’t look too attractive.

Banchan was alright. One of the items was surprising to me because I never usually see it included at other Korean places I’ve visited; it was some type of potato salad looking dish, but with something resembling apple instead of potato slices. The rest is your typical radish, tofu skin, beansprouts, seaweed, kimchi, etc. Kimchi wasn’t spicy at all.

Apparently, since it was a weekend, I had to order off the dinner menu. Ordered Bi Bim Bop, approx $9. It was mediocre, not much flavor. Rice comes in a separate bowl, so be sure to mix it in before you dig in. The veggies come in a gigantic bowl, but the portion looks small compared to the size of the bowl. Food wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t near spectacular either.

The waitresses are both Koreans. They only attend to you when you are ordering; otherwise, it’s hard to gain their attention. For instance, my friends and I were trying to request for refills on our banchan, but the waitresses remained in the kitchen during most of the meal, or they were serving another table and not looking in any other direction to see if other tables need assistance.



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