Satomi Sushi

Came here on Valentine’s Day, so in anticipation of the many people who would show up, I tried to RSVP ahead of time. I was told over the phone that this place accepts reservations, but that they would not accept any on V-Day. Great. Then, I arrive early, write my name on the waiting list, and notice there are a handful of people informing the waitress that they had reservations. The waitress initially informed such groups that they were not taking reservations for this day, but then changed their mind and said they would seat these groups next. Um, EXCUSE ME??! Talk about inconsistency and unfairness. So even though I was supposedly next to be seated, I still had to wait over an hour while all these groups cut in front of me. Fantastic.

When I was finally seated (after asking several times how much longer I would have to wait to be seated and pointing out that I had been “next” over 30 minutes ago, etc), I got a table for 4 for a party of 2. Alright, at least I got plenty of room. Ordered the Delicious Roll, the famous Flaming Dragon, and the Greg Roll. Sake is available for only 99 cents on Wednesday and Thursdays nights. Miso is free, but watch out – my friend asked for another bowl, thinking it would be free for a refill, but it ended up costing an extra $1.50 on the bill, but the waitress never mentioned the additional cost at the time of the request!

Delicious Roll – soft shell crab, avocado, wrapped with salmon and mango, $11.95. Quite delicious, as its name implies. The mango is a nice touch. It’s different.

Flaming Dragon – deep fried shrimp, snow crab, and spicy tuna covered with salmon, yellow tail, tuna, and tobiko with fire, $13.95. The sushi is covered with foil, then placed over a platter containing vodka. The vodka is then set on fire, and the sushi chef shouts, “Fire!” He shouted this many times throughout my stay. I can only imagine how people would fail to react when an actual fire occurs…The roll is brought to the table in flames for 2 minutes. Then the chef returns to uncover the sushi. I truly believe it is all for show. Personally, I could do without the vodka and flames; it had a seared taste that I didn’t like. But I’ll admit, it’s pretty cool to witness your food set on fire.

Greg Roll – Inside: spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, and crab meat; Outside: deep fried sea bass and seafood salad on top, $18.95. Waitress recommended this and said it’s on their secret menu. Guess it’s not so secret if she’s willing to tell me huh? She said people normally discover it through Yelp. This is by far the best roll ever. Full of goodness, wow. So much stuff involved, I can’t even stuff an entire roll in one bite! Only downside is how expensive it is.

For some reason, the sushi chef continuously checked up on my table, particularly after I asked him to take a picture. It was a bit odd. Bathroom is very large and nice, but only one provided. Parking lot is not big enough. Unless you arrive early, you might have to park on the street, or the parking available is compact.


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