King Noodle

Tons of parking. Lots of seating for a fast food place. Food comes in decent portions. Ordered the following:

– Fried Daikon Flour Cake with Egg Peanut (appetizer), Regular Size, $4.99. Looks like scrambled egg with daikon bits inside. Soft, tasty, and easy to share.

– Combination Wonton Noodle Soup: chicken, pork, prawns, and beef balls, mixed noodles (half thick noodles, half thin noodles), Regular Size, $4.99. The menu shows that this option can either come in thick noodles or thin noodles, but I asked for half of each type of noodle, and the waiter said it would be no problem.  Only had 1 or 2 prawns, which had no taste, the wontons weren’t anything special, and the chicken and pork were on the dry side, but overall, it was alright.

– 3 Color Bean Drink ($2.25) was delicious. Didn’t have an excess of ice, which was good, though it was lacking in the yellow bean layer. Drank this separately from the rest of my meal because mixing this cold drink with my warm noodle soup isn’t exactly the best idea.

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