SF Creamery

SF Creamery

Sundae – SF Creamery

Size: Regular (choose 1-2 flavors & 1-2 toppings), $7.79 – selected Chocolate Lover’s Dream and Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake (house made ice cream flavors) and marshmallow & blueberry toppings. The Chocolate Lover’s Dream is definitely chocolatey! The ice cream is very creamy – yum. I preferred this flavor out of the two flavors I chose. I don’t care much for the artificial cherry.

Located in downtown Walnut Creek. Parking just happened to be easy to find the night I went, but I can imagine it’s usually not that easy to find parking in the area. Practically every group was ordering the famous Kitchen Sink. At one point in my life, I had actually seriously considered attempting this monstrous challenge. I even called for details and started strategizing the best way to tackle this beast! Groups of 5+ were sharing one, but the challenge is meant to be completed by one person alone. It consists of 8 softball-sized scoops of ice cream (flavors are your choice), 8 different toppings of your choice, 3 frozen bananas, loads of whipped cream, chopped almonds, and cherries – all for $39.95! It’s nearly a gallon of ice cream. Last year, the time limit was pushed back to an hour since nobody seemed to be able to finish the challenge in under 30 minutes. But it looks like the time limit is back to 30 minutes, and once someone completes the challenge, that time becomes the new time limit. The prize is a whole year of free ice cream. Unbelievably, someone has completed this challenge in 7-8 minutes! Crazyyy. Perhaps someday I’ll give it a try. 


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