Cha Cha Sushi

Came here around 8pm after giving up on waiting in line at a very popular ramen place. The parking lot was vast but the area looked very sketch. The inside is narrow, but it works. Most of the workers look like high schoolers or freshmen in college. Same goes with the crowd. One bathroom. Accepts credit card.

The sushi selection on the menu have interesting names, though half the menu seems to involve spicy tuna. It’s unique that this place offers complimentary spicy mussel. Not sure why they chose mussel, but it’s definitely different. I would’ve preferred the usual miso soup (and maybe a small bowl of salad), but hey, can’t argue with free stuff!

Ordered Crab Meets Crab – deep fried California Roll topped with spicy crab, spicy mayo and unagi sauce, topped with rice crackers, $8.95. It was tasty with lots of filling and not too spicy. I saw another table with this item and decided it looked good enough to try!

Also ordered Sushi Pizza – baked (takes approx. 15 minutes to cook) – salmon, tuna, crab, cucumber and cream cheese, topped with mozzarella cheese, tobiko, and house sauce, $10.95. The melted mozzarella on top of the sushi was interesting. Great combo with the cream cheese – made it seem very creamy with a slight hint of cheesiness to it. The salmon and tuna were masked underneath all the dairy product though. Needs to come with more pieces of sushi! There were only 5-6 pieces.

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