Daphne’s California Greek

At work, we usually order the Sampler Tray to share with all the staff members. It includes: original hummus, fire feta, spanakopita, gyros, grilled chicken and steak kabobs, dolmas, falafel, pita and tzatziki sauce, $75 for Large tray. We also order salad and extra pita, but I don’t care for the salad. The pita is really good though – soft and triangular shaped, perfect for snacking on. The spanakopita are my favorite out of the entire Sampler. Unfortunately, the tray doesn’t include enough of these! The kabobs tend to have very chewy meat, particularly the steak kabobs, or they look totally burnt. I’ve had better dolmas, but it wasn’t too bad. The hummus is decent. The falafel could’ve been better. Most of the items are not spicy, but don’t be deceived – the orange section is! (though only mild) 

The downside is that this place closed recently. I had tried to place an order one day but couldn’t get a hold of the office. Later that day, I discovered that it had shut down 😦

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