Stopped by here for dinner on the way to Socal. There weren’t too many places to choose from. Perks: cheap options available and open late. I had the $4 Everyday Value Slam: Two buttermilk pancakes, two eggs cooked to order and two bacon strips or two sausage links, $4 (from the $2 $4 $6 $8 Value Menu). I had half and half for the meat – one bacon strip and one sausage. For a $4 meal, it’s good! Not enough to fill you if you’re starving, but it’ll suffice. I also ordered the featured Strawberry Hush Puppies, but I was given Blueberry Hush Puppies instead. I noticed right away. The outside looked completely burnt (and it was), but that wasn’t the reason I questioned it. First giveaway: the inside was dark/purple. Last time I checked, anything strawberry flavored comes in pink, not purple. So I asked the waitress, and sure enough, they had accidentally given us Blueberry Hush Puppies. The waitress let me keep it, but she also brought out the actual item I had ordered. It took a long while to make each batch, and they’re not amazing, but hey, I want what I ordered, especially after waiting so long for the first batch!


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