Little Home Thai Cuisine

Green Curry

Kang Keaw Wan Kai – Little Home Thai Cuisine

This dish consists of sliced chicken in spicy green curry with coconut milk, peas, bell peppers, sweet basil, and zucchini (mild), $7.95. I followed Yelp’s most popular recommendation in ordering this dish, and Yelp steered me in the right direction – this dish is amazing! The sauce is sweet, the chicken tender, and the presentation beautiful. I requested mild, and it was actually mild (not the Thai’s idea of mild, thank goodness!). Great combo, thanks Yelp!

Fried Shrimp Fried Rice

My friend ordered some type of fried rice with deep fried shrimp. It was alright, but my dish was much better, hands down. This just tasted like your average fried rice with deep fried shrimp added on top, nothing too spectacular; I’ve had better fried rice.

Came here during lunch hour. There are lunch options available, but the green curry chicken was not in this section of the menu. The parking is super narrow and sparse, so come early or come late! I was nervous the entire meal, hoping to leave before the person who parked right next to me. I was pretty sure they would hit my car while opening their door, there was no way around it, but there were no other parking spaces either.

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