Little Shen Yang

Seems like the owners/staff has changed since I was last here. The staff is friendlier and younger. However, the waitress seemed a little too young/immature when she came up to my table, chewing food with her mouth open, before serving us our food. Another waiter (the guy who took our order) literally stood by the adjacent table, waiting for us to decide what to order. It wasn’t busy at all, but c’mon, give us a little time and space! Then, while I was taking pictures of the food, the owner was interested and stood right by me, watching – talk about creepy.

But enough about the service, the food was good. The dishes were on the oily side, but other than that, portions were decent and taste was there. Food arrived fairly quickly, and it was helpful to have pictures of some of the popular dishes along the wall. A lot of people seemed to be ordering some type of noodle in soup/stew. This place is known for their basil chicken as well as their lamb dish (I think the cooks are the same as before). Cash only, but decent prices.


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