Soulnese Food Truck

Soulnese Garlic Pork Fries

Garlic Pork Fries – Soulnese Food Truck

$9 for fries mixed with garlic, pork, green onion, and some type of sweet sauce. The pork was really salty, but it was an interesting snack to try. As expected, food truck items are pricey. My friend tried a couple other items from this truck, one of which was the breakfast burrito that tasted awful, the other was some type of burrito with an eggroll inside (different, no?). The fries were the best, but that’s not saying much. No wonder the line wasn’t too long for this food truck.

There were food trucks lined up around the parking lot after the Color Run. Great way for them to make money. I was trying to avoid finger foods since I was covered in colored corn starch, fingers included. The corn starch coloring is edible, but not tasty at all – tastes like chalk and makes your throat dry. I thought it’d be gross to mix it with every bite, so at least a fork was provided with the fries.


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